The Back Stabbing Truth Of Julius Caesar Essay

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The Back Stabbing Truth of Julius Caesar and Jean- Paul Marat According to Marcus Tulius Cicero, “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living” (Proverbia, 2015). In the past, many important people have died and, even after their death, influenced the lives of the many people around them. Julius Caesar and Jean-Paul Marat happened to be very influential to the citizens around them, but were struck down when they were assassinated by those who rejected them. These men were very important in society whether it be to run their country or express the same ideals as the people and demean their government at the time. Even though Julius Caesar and Jean-Paul Marat were born in different time periods, the resemblance between these assassinations was astonishing while also having a few distinguishing factors. Between May 24th, 1743 to July 13th, 1793, Jean-Paul Marat made his role in society. He was a physician, voice in politics, and an editor of a newspaper called L’Ami du Peuple, “The Friend of the People” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016). Jean-Paul Marat was murdered as a speaker of the people in this newspaper as he spoke against the government which included the Girondist group, a branch off of the Jacobin Party. Charlotte Corday was a member of that group and was his assassin. After multiple threats were pinned against her group she decided to put her plan of revenge into actions to ensure the safety of her group. She ventured over to Paris, France to…

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