Julius Caesar: The Ides Of March

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One of Rome’s most famous Caesars to date is Julius Caesar. He had some of the best military ideas in the history of war and is given credit to helping kickstart the rise of the unstoppable Roman Empire. But it’s not the military tactics he is known for the best, or how he guided Rome to the path of power. Julius Caesar is known best for his demise on March 15th, the day we know best as the Ides of March.
Julius Caesar was powerful force from the time he arrived into the world, via the Caesarian Section, which was named after him. He was born into a extremely famous political family of Rome and neighboring cities. With the famous Roman general Marius as an uncle, you learn how to play the game of politics and war at a very early age. Even
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It almost didn’t happen though. In fact, Caesar was told by his friends, doctors, and wife, Calpurnia, to not go to the Senate that fateful day, because of a dream she had about him. Her dream was said to have set a bad omen upon Caesar. Calpurnia went as far as telling Caesar to just send someone to say he wasn’t feeling well, and would not be arriving at the senate that day. He said no of course, and even went on to tell his bodyguards not to come with him to the senate meeting that day, just because he felt he didn’t need them. Caesar was the most famous and important man in Rome, and they thought getting him unguarded was going to be difficult. Thanks to Caesar’s hardhead, the plan all fell into place almost flawlessly. When Caesar arrived, his death sentence by the senators came rather quickly upon his arrival. A couple minutes after Caesar first sat down, group of senators, lead by Casca and Brutus, rushed to the chair of Caesar at the front of the senate house. Soon after that, the sharp daggers came out from under their togas. All of the Senators had at least one jab at Caesar that day, as he was stabbed 23 times by his so called “friends.” His famous final words, “Et tu, Brute?” which means “Even you, Brutus?” were said to his so called best friend Marcus Brutus, whom he had

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