Professional Nursing Preparation Paper

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The BSN Minimal Preparation for Professional Nursing Practice
The nursing profession has a strong impact in the healthcare industry. Healthcare continues to change in a more complex manner. Increased complexity in healthcare demands that nursing profession require a minimum of a baccalaureate degree to meet those needs. The future goal for nursing is to have a minimum of 80% of the nursing population obtain a BSN by 2020, in hopes that many will embrace this need for change (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008).
Advancing the requirement of RN-BSN as the minimal educational entrance requirement into the profession of nursing has proven to display an overall positive effect on the healthcare system as a whole. The
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Frequently, I’ve heard that these efforts parallel hospitals’ interests in increasing the number of BSNs that they employ. However, I was not previously aware of a definitive goal for increasing the number of BSNs by 2020 (Haverkamp & Ball, 2013). My hope is that by the completion of this program, I will further develop my critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, and communication skills. Gaining increased knowledge in these areas would be beneficial to utilize them in my role as a nurse. Furthermore, I expect to learn management skills and how to effectively apply them at work when I must delegate and supervise. Being an effective leader, and delegating with direction provides a safer environment for the patient. Completing my baccalaureate will provide the tools I need to be practice at a professional level in nursing. I believe completing my degree will allow me to be more confident in my profession. I believe personally it will encourage me to challenge myself, and continue to reach for new …show more content…
Establishing continuity across the nursing profession will only provide a stronger base for nursing to make an impact on healthcare with a positive emphasis on patient-centered care. If our goal as nurses, is to provide the best patient care, then as professionals we must continually be willing to learn, and apply the new knowledge and practices in the patient care setting. For the nursing profession to continue to grow positively, it must constantly be willing to adapt to change. Demanding the nursing profession to continue on the path of growth is not an option, but an absolute necessity in order to maintain high safety standards in patient care. As a nurse who cares for patients, I feel it is my duty to continue to grow and adapt to change. I make the choice to continue my growth as a professional, and assist in meeting the goal of attaining 80% of RN-BSN by 2020 (Haverkamp & Ball,

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