The Avoidance Of Planning Can Ultimately Crash A Physical Education Program

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The avoidance of planning can ultimately crash a physical education program in a school. As it talks about in Graham, it can become not an enjoyable experience. When lessons are not planned out it can lead to injury and unhappy students. Once you get a mix of that it becomes unhappy parents and unhappy administration, which ultimately, takes away the value of your program. I can relate this to my high school physical education program, where it is the type of program where you roll the ball out and no one is able to progress skill and it becomes quiet chaotic and your participation numbers decrease because students do not value the program.
If I were to have a physical education program at a new middle school one of my objectives would be to have the year planned out as an overview week by week like Birchland Park. I would ask that all unit plans would be given to me before they would be taught so that I can assure students are learning according to the outcomes, and the teachers are not just rolling out the ball.
In the video, New PE Curriculum at East High School, I really liked how they used the technology hop sports. this would be something i would like to use in a class. It cuts down on instruction time and allows OTR. Also, it allows students to learn new activities and gets the whole class involved. This would be a great planning tool because it allows you to engage the students more and gives the teacher more time to fit different activities into the cirriculum.


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