Essay about The Average Tuition Rate For A State Cna

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The average tuition rate for in-state CNA (certified nursing assistant) students is approximately $71.50 per credit hour (“CNA Programs: Tuition & Fees”). Of course, this may differ depending on the school you choose to attend but imagine if you could this training for free. As you know, Davies is a vocational high school. This means that the students choose a technical area for their four years of high school and then ultimately, after graduation, they can further their education in their chosen field. One of the largest technical areas is health occupations; where students get CNA training and finally obtain a CNA license. Many CNAs further their education by becoming a physician’s assistant (PA). A physician’s assistant is a medical professional who practices medicine, including diagnoses and treatment therapies, under the supervision of a physician ( With a total of 4890 average annual expected openings for this occupation between 2012 and 2022 (, this seems to be an amazing career choice. A physician’s assistant provides patient services under the direct supervision and responsibility of physicians and directly assists the doctors as needed ( A typical work day for a PA would include visiting patients on hospital rounds, helping the physician during surgery or intricate medical procedures, and prescribing therapy or medication with a physician’s consent. They may also perform therapeutic procedures, such as injections,…

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