The Australian Coca Cola Company Essay

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Diverse clients have distinctive needs in Australia, and it once in a while is conceivable to fulfill all clients by treating them alike. The Australian Coca Cola Company (ACCC) must adopt mass promoting that alludes to treatment of the business as a homogenous gathering and offering the same advertising blend to all clients. It permits economies of scale to be acknowledged through large scale manufacturing, mass appropriation, and mass correspondence.
It is imperative for Australian Coca Cola Company to clearly define its target market so that ACCC’s energies and funds can be well utilized in tailored marketing and sales efforts. You can only be sure to meet customer’s needs by first identifying the customers. A targeted market should be accessible, large enough and measurable.

Identifying Target Market
The process of identifying a market involve three steps,
• Identify why a customer would need to use your product/service.
• Segment your overall market
• Research your market

Step one will involve differentiating benefits from features. This is so because features enhance your product but benefits prompt customers to buy. By understanding what your product has to offer, the company will be able to see common characteristics among consumers and this help in segmenting the market.
The second step which involves segmenting your market will allow for a creative and highly focused campaign that talks to particular group’s interests and preferences. This step provides the…

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