The Assessment Of The Disc Assessment Essay

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Between the two assessments, I found the Jung Typology test to be much clearer and more accurate. The DISC assessment contradicted itself on more than one point, and opposed some of what I learned in the Jung Typology test.
Upon review of the DISC assessment, I read that I had low Decisiveness, which meant that I solved familiar problems quickly, but when placed with an unfamiliar conflict, I struggled and approached it in a “calculated and deliberate manner.” To some extent, I feel that this is true of anyone. Who goes into unmarked territory blindly? In my various jobs, I’ve found that improvisation comes quite naturally for me, so I disagree with this statement. I do find validity in some other points, though. I can be extremely self-critical and I usually approach other people’s solutions with respect, although I would not say that I’m as thoughtlessly or instinctively supportive of them as this suggested.
In the “I” category (Interactive), I scored very highly. It rightly determined that I am expressive of my emotions, whether they are positive or negative, and that I am outgoing. As I’ll point out later, this was also on my Jung Typology end report. This was the category I was most satisfied with.
However, on the other end of the spectrum sat S (Stabilizing) and C (Cautious) and that is where this report began to puzzle me. In the D category, I was described as careful, critical, and almost weary. It also suggested that I do not thrive in a frequently changing work…

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