The Article Don 't Drop Out By Kern Essay

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The article Don 't Drop Out by Kern discusses the topic of dropping out of college. According to this author, the main claim is to NOT quite college and to stay in school.
Kern has many pieces of evidence in his article that support this claim. He believes that you will have a harder time learning new things in an environment outside of college. He specifically states that "the most valuable courses don 't prescribe what to learn, but how to learn" Kern also states that most of the important lessons in college are not done in class but rather the things that happen outside of the classroom. He believes that the people and professors that you will share time with will help you and challenge you. He also says that college classes allow you more free time during the day and in between courses to participate in other activities.
The author is responding to many arguments in this piece, but the major one that he is going off of is that entrepreneur and start-up programs do the same thing as college education does. Kern disagrees with this argument because of multiple reasons. In his opinion, participating in both college and these programs require hard work after you receive an ending award or certificate. But, he thinks that college is better because it will “teach you your physical, emotional, and mental limits”. This means that college introduces several different lessons in class through learning material and also outside of class with the experiences that you encounter.…

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