The Art Gallery By Courtland Blade Essay

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The piece of artwork I chose from the University Art Gallery was a piece of work by Courtland Blade called The Institution. This piece of artwork is oil on canvas and was created in 2013. This piece of work is a part of the Alumni Exhibit in the University Art Gallery. The following paper will cover this piece of artwork, including a description, an analysis of elements of art used, and my personal and informed reaction of this piece.
This piece of work is a simple, realistic painting of an empty classroom. It is in landscape orientation. When first looking at this painting, one notices the desks take up the entire artwork, they are the main focus of the entire piece. The desks are very simple rectangular tables, with little detail. They do appear to have a shine to them, as if recently cleaned, which also shows the littlest specks in the surface of the table in the foreground of the piece. These specks suggest a gritty texture in the desks that is not noticed in a first glance at this piece of artwork. There are not many other objects in this piece other than the desks, however there are a few other things to notice about the piece. Each desk has two or three chairs placed on the backside of the desk. It also appears that there are windows on the far right wall in the piece, this is in the far background and is not noticed with a first glance at the artwork. The odd thing about these windows in the piece is that you cannot see anything outside through them. The entire…

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