The Army 's Mission Command Essay

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The Army’s Mission Command philosophy is a strategic cultural and intellectual shift in how to run the Army of the future. Attempts to adopt the philosophy over the past decade have met resistance and therefore have failed to permeate the Army culture. This failure is primarily a result of the Army’s size, complexity, and its scientific managerial approach, founded on processes, checklists, policies, and procedures. This long established culture has evolved with time, tradition, and experience and received its validation throughout history by numerous successes. Establishing a vision and leading organizational change is among the most difficult tasks asked of strategic leaders, but only because it’s also the most important.
Even though the army hasn’t realized the full potential of Mission Command, it is imperative to continue to lead the organizational change in pursuit of that vision since Mission Command provides the only known advantage in future complex environments; it promotes creativity and strategic thinking, fosters innovation and communication and empowers leaders at all levels. In order to achieve this change, the Army should address barriers to change by aligning the personnel management system with mission command, and reinforce the vision by reinvigorating the strategic communication campaign.
First, the Mission Command philosophy focuses on the only known strength in future conflicts, that adaptive leadership can exploit opportunities to create an…

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