The Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Mr. Karayel

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It was the beginning of September; students in the streets going to their schools: the sun was shining and the weather was warm. At 6:00 AM in the early morning, Mr. Karayel waked up, had his breakfast with his son and wife and get prepared vigorously to go to work. On his way to his work, Edward heard on the radio about the drug dealer that dominated the lives of many of America's youth during the past three years, and no one of the police officers was able to arrest him until the present day. After hearing that he turned off the radio so, he will not hear any bad news that may disturb his good mood and high incentive to start his day. He works as a police officer in one of New York's police station.When Edward arrived, at the station one of the assistant told him …show more content…
Without knowing, what is going on his manager Mr. James asked him to stand in the middle after that he started presenting him and listing the names of criminals who were arrested by him for the other moderates. After the meeting was ended, he recognized that he was chosen to arrest the drugs dealer who he heard about him in the radio, when he knew that his face became pale. He was afraid from this dangerous mission, but James convinced him and stimulated him he took this mission. Edward went to his office , took a deep breath and started working on a plan to arrest henry the drugs dealer. Edward plan took few weeks to be ready and it is the time to apply it. Everything was prepared and Edward has planned to deceive henry and act as a buyer so he can find him. It is 1 November 2014, Edward was ready for his big day, he went to one of henry's workers and bought from him drugs for money and after that, he followed him because he was the only person to lead him to Henry. Everything was good until the worker noticed that Edward is following him so he changed his way and after that he incarcerate him to an abandoned area and he shoots him and

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