The Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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My researched argumentative essay this week is over abortion. If you don’t know what abortion is, it’s the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. This has been a big debate for many years and honestly has gone nowhere. So what’s wrong? Is it wrong? Is it right? Firstly I 'm going to start by giving my opinion on this matter and then secondly I will get into, let’s say a less emotional answer.
Despite that the abortion debate is old; we still get the same bad arguments from both sides. As someone who is pro-life I think there is a better way pro-lifers can prove that abortion is wrong. But first, we have to rethink the way we approach the argument. Consider the typical pro-life arguments
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Now we 've seen the same argument result in a stalemate time and time again. So you know what why not take the more creative approach and take a look at the larger picture. The problem with the abortion debate is that it focuses over the biological category of the fetus. But let 's keep it simple. Instead of debating over the fetus let 's discuss why killing is wrong in the first place. Even if you 're pro-choice and don 't think abortion is the same as killing an adult. It 's crucial, absolutely crucial to understand why killing is wrong. Is killing wrong because the killer is a barbaric awful human being? Nope! Is killing wrong because family and friends are sad by their loss? No again! It doesn 't matter if your shot, stabbed, or strangled; killing isn 't wrong because your heart stops beating. Let me say this again, killing is not wrong because it changes the biological state of the victim. Rather it 's wrong because of what it takes away from the victim. Killing takes away the experiences, activities, and enjoyment that would have otherwise composed their …show more content…
So if killing is wrong because it deprives someone of their future, then the explications for abortion should be obvious. It has nothing to do with the biological state. Because every normal fetus which, “you and I once were,” has a set of experiences, activities and enjoyment that was set before it just like it was set before “you and me.” If killing is wrong because it takes away your future and every normal fetus has a future just like ours. Then it makes since that abortion is an incredibly morally wrong, that 's equal to killing. Now even if I 've convinced you that abortion is wrong, there are going to be some people who turn this into a woman 's right issue and try to drag you from the morality of it all. But what if, I told you that women don 't actually have an absolute right over their own body. Oh but wait, “I 'm a man, I can 't talk about abortions till I can get pregnant.” Okay that 's the stupidest thing I 've ever heard for two reasons. First, the strength of an argument comes from its premises and conclusions not from the person giving it. So to say that a man 's opinion on abortion is invalid because he 's a man is committing ad hominem because you are attacking the person

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