The Argument For A Southern Baptist Minister By Edward O. Wilson

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The Rogerian Argument, coming from Carl Rogers’ theory, is an effective analysis within written arguments. Essentially, it involves adopting the role of a once therapist to aid in solving or coming to a compromise of an issue. The passage “Letter to a Southern Baptist Minister” written by Edward O. Wilson, argues that religion and science could potentially join together. The author uses restatement, which just manipulates the words of the speaker to change their understanding. He proves his point by not confronting his opponent in an adversarial argument. The Rogerian Argument contains four parts, the introduction, context, writer’s position, and benefits to opponents. These all contribute in the author’s objective to straw away from a combative debate/ argument. The author’s goal is to show how both religion and science could help solve many of the world’s issues. The examples of his argument are, Charles Darwin and higher position of the Christian Religion.

The Rogerian Argument is a theory that believes a combative argument is not the way to win an argument, it believes that the individuals involved should understand both sides of the argument to make a strong compromise in the middle. This helps to reduce the harsh terms that might be thrown out during an argument and straws away from a combative argument. Through this unique style of argumentation, individuals are able to comprehend the opposing viewpoints. It involves the introduction, contexts, writer’s…

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