Essay on The Archetype Theory Of Joseph Campbell

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The Hero I have chosen to write about and who I think does not fits perfectly in the archetype theory of Joseph Campbell, as outlined by C. Vogler is Achilles. According to the outline there are twelve stages of the hero’s journey: the ordinary world, the call to adventure, refusal to the call, meeting the mentor, crossing the threshold, test, approach, the ordeal, the reward, the road back, the resurrection, and the return with the elixir. Although I don’t believe Achilles fits into most of the stages, I do believe he could fit in some. My goal in this paper is to explain the archetypes that I believe Achilles doesn’t belong in. The ordinary world: Achilles was never born into a normal world. His story began with strangeness. Achilles mother was a prize to his father from Zeus and a sea nymph (Martin pp 264). To add to the unheard of, Achilles got rubbed every night with an ointment and held over a fire by his mother to make him immortal. Another story that shows his mother trying to make Achilles immortal is that she took him to the river Styx and dipped him in, only holding him by the heel (Martin pp. 265). Hints why Achilles was immortal everywhere but his heel. These are all examples of Achilles being born in the abnormal world. These things don’t happen in the ordinary world making this stage of the hero’s journey impossible for Achilles to fit into. The call to adventure: In my reading of “The War at Troy” Achilles is never has a call to an adventure. The story is…

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