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Once the patches at positions #1-#17 were made, the plate was placed into the 30o C incubator so that the cells in the newly formed patches could divide and grow. This plate would become our master plate (Figure 1, YPD) for the remainder of the project. The following week we saw growth in all seventeen patches made on the master YPD plate, but we also found that the plate had been contaminated and the growth of mold had appeared. This is most likely due the fact that when completing week two of the lab project I was coughing and sneezing quite heavily and some particles from my sneezes and coughs could have easily found its way into our master plate and grew during the same time allotted for the actual patches to grow. Despite the contamination, all seventeen patches still could be read and analyzed and since there was no growth of white colonies (other than the mold) we could be certain that only haploid yeast cells were being grown in these patches. Now to analyze each patch for its phenotype and genotype, our master plate had to be replica plated onto three synthetic dropout medium plates: -His, -Leu, and –Lys. These are plates that contain all the necessary nutrients for yeast, but are missing a particular biological molecule, in this case a specific amino acid (histidine, leucine, or lysine). Each plate was labeled with our section letter and team number as well as the short vertical mark to indicate the top of the plate just as on the master plate. These dropout…

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