The Analysis of Zara Essay

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University of Sunderland
The faculty of Business and Law
Module Title: Marketing Management
Module code: PGBM15

The market analysis of ZARA
Student Name: Xia Tang
Student Number:139151583
Tutor: Steve Storey
Module Leader: Sudipta Das

Word Count:4005
Date of submission: 16th June 2014

Introduction of ZARA 1
1 Dynamics and trends within the marketing environment of ZARA. 1 1.1 Introduction of marketing environment 2 1.2 Macroenvironment-----PESTLE analysis of ZARA 2 1.3 Microenvironment analysis of ZARA 4 1.4 Poter’s three generic strategies on ZARA 4 1.5 SWOT analysis of ZARA 5
2 The importance of market
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More importantly, ZARA used modern technology in its manufacturing factories, where complex process are necessary to be simplified. And incorporate technology in process and tackles are to be taken after comprehensive measurements and analysis. There are opportunities of existing domains where the company may progress and are going to explore.

This assignment is going to analyze the market environment and making some achievable plans for the future. This process would be critical and crucial because it leads to decisions that are basis for future actions and these vital decisions for future development will determine the future of the company in this field.

1 Dynamics and trends within the marketing environment of ZARA.

1.1 Introduction of marketing environment

Marketing environment can be defined as the forces and factors outside marketing which have an impact on marketing management’s abilities(Armstrong et al. 2008). The macroenvironment elements consist of political, legal, regulatory, societal, technological and economic and competitive forces. Meanwhile, The microenvironment elements contain the company, customers, competitors, marketing intermediaries, suppliers and publics. Furthermore, internal and external environment can be analysed by SWOT analysis. Generally,a successful business system will take all the factors into consideration.

1.2 Macroenvironment-----PESTLE analysis of

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