The Analysis and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Environmental Campaign

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1 Introduction 2
2 The analysis and evaluation of rural roads conservation campaign 2 2.1 Aims and objectives of this campaign 3 2.2 The approaches and the ‘position’ to campaign against clutter 5 2.3 The strategy 6 2.4 Identification of target markets and communication 7 2.5 The media 8 2.6 Organisational issues and management of processes and people 10 2.7 Finance and impacts 10
3. Lessons could be learned by future environmental campaigns 11
4. Conclusion 11
Bibliography 13

The analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of environmental campaign- with a case study of rural roads conservation campaign of CPRE

1 Introduction
When concerning about environmental campaign, it is pressing for problems to
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The concept of shared space would be encouraged, rather than obvious segregation between motorists and walkers. To analysis its effectiveness with respect to Rose’s assessment, one of the core factors is that this campaign is conducted by CPRE, which is considered to be one of the longest running environmental groups being founded in 1926. The CPRE was initially ‘metropolitan centred movement comprising a small but influential group of intellectuals, members of the artistic and library establishments and the landed aristocracy’ (Lowe et al, 1986), which has achieved many considerable influence over key governmental programmes in the fields of planning and agri- environmental policy (Adams and Watkins, 2002). Due to the ‘partnership’ position of CPFR with the government, the effectiveness of this objective could be evaluated to be higher than many other outsider groups. It could draw attention to policymakers and give pressure efficiently, the ‘toughness’ and ‘significance’ are regarded to be easier to achieve compared to many other organizations and groups.

Figure 2 A selection of useless and unnecessary road signs (the Telegraph website)

Figure 3 The picture was taken on January 1, 2013 by Angela Shelton. It was just needed for two days in September 2012, but still there four months later.

2.2 The approaches and the ‘position’ to campaign against clutter
One of the branches of CPRE, the CPRE Hampshire has been campaigning

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