Persuasive Techniques In Bowling For Columbine By Michael Moore

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“In Bowling for Columbine, how effectively do the persuasive techniques used by Michael Moore convey his intended meaning of the film”

The persuasive techniques used by Michael Moore ensure that the film Bowling for Columbine’s (BFC) meaning is clearly conveyed. Moore has chosen to use three persuasive techniques, these being ethos, pathos and logos to effectively share and enhance the film 's message. BFC aims to inform the audience with a compelling argument as to why America’s gun control and violence needs to be readdressed. Along with the enforcing questions that probe answers to America’s frequent school shootings, the media constant urge to feed fear and America’s dangerous gun culture so different from the world.

Moore uses the persuasive
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He does this by wearing average clothes, ones which majority if not all Americans could afford. This is so he appears more casual, less forceful and pretentious. Even his weight can be considered as a way to further establish his character by appearing more like an average consumer. Moore also is successful by depicting his character to have good values and a pleasant personality. He does this by listening to people he interviews no matter their stance, allows them to answer in good time and is sincere and reasonable. An example is when he takes it upon himself to interview Marilyn Manson unlike others, who are creating stories with no facts having not bothered to speak to him …show more content…
Pathos appeals to the emotions of a listener, in the case of BFC, it is to shock, disgust, upset or infuriate the audience. By appealing to the values of the audience Michael Moore shows how innocent people getting harmed every day as a result of easily accessible guns isn’t fair. He does this throughout the film every time he looks into a school shooting, like Columbine. The way Moore depicts the Columbine shooting to viewers is a perfect example of pathos as not only is the audience shocked, but they are overwhelmed with 911 calls, CCTV footage of the shooting and bombs and interviews with victims straight after the shooting. Not only does this have a shock factor but it is also quite distressing hearing the pleas of parents demanding information as to whether their child is alive, teachers cries for help and student’s explanations of how they witnessed peers being shot. As no average human would every want this to happen to themselves r someone they cared about. Therefore, Moore successfully infuriates the audience by forcing them to see how this isn’t far and can affect

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