The American School System Is Only Friendly With Those Who Are College Bound

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Since I was a young child, teachers have been prepping my peers and I for the next step of school. From elementary school, we were taught how to act for middle school. From middle school, we were taught how to act for high school. In high school, we were told frequently "no one is going to hold your hand in college." What is this for? Why do these teachers put us students in this position where we expect the next step in our life to be horrible? We bite our nails to the bone in anticipation for the horror to strike, but why? The American school system is only friendly with those who are college-bound. I noticed long ago that my teachers did not care as much for the students who made bad grades. In eighth grade, my teacher let my Honors Geometry class in on a little secret.
"I want you all to realize that no one outside of this room is going to end up going to college or doing anything with their lives." Everyone agreed, but this sat with me for a while. Why would college, an event that lasted four years and put someone hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, make us higher-quality people? It wasn 't until I experienced all of the ridiculous things you need to do for college that I realized that the notion was absolutely ludicrous. At this point, I 've taken an SAT and I 've taken an AP class and I 've applied for a scholarship, all the things you expect college-bound students to do. Along with that, standardized tests are absolutely pointless. I went in on a Saturday…

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