The American Education System Essay

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The American education system is set up to provide a free and appropriate public education. In America there is a growing gap between low and high socio-economic classes, and this is extremely apparent in the American education system. Schools within just a few miles of each other could differ as much as having an un-safe learning environment to educating students with advanced curricula. Many factors lead to this inequality in the education system, however it is highly influenced by funding and high stakes testing given to these students.
One huge socio-economic inequality that is found in public education today are the facilities themselves. The schools depicted in Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation are astonishingly deprived of the most basic resources needed to provide a good education for students. Specifically, Kozol mentions the school which he taught at in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was sanctioned to teach fourth grade students in an auditorium along with three other classes. This is a perfect example of inequality, because not only was the class sharing an auditorium with multiple other classes, that particular class had 12 substitute teachers throughout the course of the school year prior to Kozol’s arrival. One of the most important things in a child’s life and education is consistency, which sadly was the exact opposite of what these children were experiencing. As educators it is our job to provide students with an appropriate and clean learning environment.…

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