Ambassador Narrative Metaphor

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I resonate with the ambassador narrative metaphor because the connotation of it is not negative like exile or slave, but it is not overly positive either. Being a Christian here on earth is neither a fully positive or negative experience. Also, being an ambassador implies a relationship both up and down. Ambassadors have relationships with the people they are representing or working for (in our case it’s God), and they also have a relationship or are trying to form a relationship with the people around them. They are trying to create a relationship between two parties who may be at odds. Ambassadors are active and working not just for someone but alongside them. Ambassadors are also chosen specifically for that position based on their personal gifts and talents and what goal is. God …show more content…
Both are focused on relationships, but the biblical metaphor is focused on a loving relationship while the modern ambassador is focused on peace or economics. Biblical ambassadors have little to gain personally, but modern ambassadors can receive status or money if they succeed. The main tension between being an ambassador, both Biblically and modernly, and a fire is the origin of this identity. The ambassador identity comes from God and the fire identity comes from me, within myself. Being an ambassador is based on relationships while being a fire is more individualistic although it does affect relationships. In order to resolve this tension, we have to remember that both ambassador and fire are metaphors. They are ways to describe who we are, but they are not what we are. Metaphors are good ways to think about things, but they are not 100% accurate. Since the ambassador metaphor comes from our identity in God, it should get more emphasis than any metaphor or identity we can give ourselves. Any identity we give ourselves can also change over the course of our life, but our identity in God is

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