Essay about The Amazon.Com

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1.) What portion of the business should be focused on sales of products, sales of services to consumers, business partnerships for sales, and partnerships for order fulfillment/Web services? The portion of the business that should be focus on sales of products is advertising, sales promotion, publicity, personal selling, sales force management, customer relations, and dealer relations. These activities are especially critical when a firm pursues a market penetration strategy. The effectiveness of various selling tools for consumer and industrial products varies. Personal selling is most important for industrial goods companies, and advertising is most important for consumer goods companies. With regard to advertising products and …show more content…
5.) How can the company keep up with technology development? Should they consider acquiring companies that have proprietary technology that might be useful to the company in offering its services? Or are partnerships through contract an adequate means of gaining the necessary emerging technologies for company operations? The company can keep up with technology development by establishing new positions in their firm: Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). A CIO and CTO work together to insure that information needed to formulate, implement and evaluate strategies is available where and when it is needed. These individuals are responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating a company’s information database. The CIO is more a manager, managing the overall external-audit process: the CTO is more a technician, focusing on technical issues such as data acquisition, data processing, decision-support systems, and software and hardware acquisition. No company or industry today is insulated against emerging technological development.
6. How much of an issue are the lawsuits filed against the company? Are these lawsuits likely to impact the day-to-day operations of the company? Lawsuits can issues such as Government regulations or deregulations, changes in tax laws, special tariffs, Political action committees, voter participation rates, number, severity, and location of government protests, number of patents, changes in

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