Lee Thiam Waai Case Study

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3.0 Challenges

3.1 Challenges that were encountered by Mr. Lee Thiam Wah
When Mr. Lee was a young boy, he faced discrimination and negative attitudes by others. However, he never gives up on communicate with others but learned to deal with others and show his feelings instead of concerned about people who are unrespect to him (thefamouspeople.com, n.d.). Even now he also didn’t enjoy special privileges. He does not use his disability to request discounts from suppliers. In contrast, Mr. Lee always settle his debts on time when they received new stocks in order to strengthen the relationship and give good image to his suppliers. Moreover, Mr. Lee is the only one who didn’t get any help from Malaysia government among all the disability people
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Lee has affected by license risk and competition in the retailing store industry when he started over his business. However, his experience makes him able to stand out and dominate the competitive market. They have successfully built a strong reputation by expanding market share (99speedmart.com, n.d.).

3.2 Challenges that were encountered by Mr. Sam Walton
Due to the huge firm size of Walmart, they faced challenges that have never encountered by other companies before. The pressure of control costs is greater because the challenges in term of stakeholders are more complex (Michael Bergdahl, 2016). Therefore, leaders are forced to involved in higher responsibility. They need to look for talented leaders which able to outperform and achieve challenging goals.
Mr. Walton also face tough challenge because company are struggling to increase sales volumn and attract new customers with remaining existing customers. For example, pressure from new rivals such as Amazon.com.
Walmart has faced criticism for not having an independent chairman. Before last year’s annual meeting, Institutional Shareholder Services advocated for the election of a chairman without family ties (biography.com,
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Lee Thiam Wah
Mr. Lee was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur award by Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (KLSCCCI) and Outstanding Entrepreneurship award by Asia Pacific Enterprise Asia (APEA) in 2014 (thefamouspeople.com, n.d.).
99 Speedmart has from a grocery store in 1987 grown to open more than 570 stores. 99 Speedmart has won ‘Brand Impact Award’ in the year of 2008 and “Best Mini Market Award” in the year of 2009.
In recognition of Mr. Walton’s efforts, 99 Speedmart was also awarded the Consumer Choice Award from 2006 to 2009 and in 2012 as well as the “Kedai Harga Patut” award (Fair Price Award) in 2010, 2012 and 2014 (enterpriseasia.org, n.d.).
99 Speedmart team also looking forward to grow bigger and serve customers better which leading by Mr. Lee. They have confidence to achiev optimum economies of scale by bulk purchases of goods by leveraging on a large chain with an advance logistic system in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs (99speedmart.com, n.d.).

4.2 Achievements of Mr. Sam

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