The Agents Of Conflict And Domestic Violence Essay

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Today the Queensland police have already dealt with 373 cases of domestic violence (Blumer, 2015). Domestic violence takes many forms, none of which are mutually exclusive. While physical violence may be the most visible, contrary to many beliefs it is not the most frequent or detrimental. Domestic violence can take form as sexual, emotional, social, spiritual and economic abuse (DVRCV, 2013). Domestic violence can take part in any relationship, and although 37% of women who suffered physical assault said the perpetrator was a current or previous male partner, this leaves a grave amount who suffer physical assault from mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles or any other significant trusted figure (DVPC, 2016).

The agents of conflict involved in domestic violence arises mainly from the idea that they have the right to control their partner, that they are of more importance than their partner or because they believe their actions are justified. These ideas may be derived from undiagnosed personality disorder or psychological disorder, or others may have learned this behaviour from growing up in a household where domestic violence was accepted as being a normal part of family life (Toby D. Goldsmith, 2016). Additionally, children who have witnessed or were the victims of violence may learn to believe that violence is a reasonable way to resolve issues within families (Toby D. Goldsmith, 2016). Domestic violence doesn’t just start. It grows. It is important that we…

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