The African Interpretation Of Care Essay

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This paper will focus on and shall examine the African interpretation of care in order to locate how rituals and rites of passage play a central role in the African individual development, as well as, a role in the community. Principally, the transition from childhood to adulthood, which will inevitably lead to the spiritual realm of ancestorship in the afterlife. Thus, I intend to investigate, the way the African traditional religion rituals and rites of passage becomes the foundational fiber that defines care in Africa.
African traditional religiousness rituals and rite of passage historically originated “as fundamental utensils of care to human growth and development. These rites were initially established by African ancestors while they were living in order to link the individual to the community and the community to the broader and more potent spiritual world. Rites of passage are a natural and necessary part of a community, as are arms and legs natural and necessary extension of the human body. These rites are critical to individual and community development,” in that it contexualizes African belief in such a way that it manages to give cultural, religious, and spiritual freedom to their faith practice. Rituals are part and parcel of the African culture. They are symbolic to different aspects of life to an individual.
The ritual symbolism varies by society, some are symbols of bravery and toughness, while others are spiritual aspects of practical education of…

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