Essay about The Advantage of Returning to School

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The Advantage of returning to School

The reason for my returning back to school and obtain a Bachelor Degree has been anything out of the ordinary. There are many working adults pursuing a degree in sure security and self–fulfillment within their lives. Many people are looking for the advancement in pay and position in where they are working a total new job. I found that speaking with many older adults returning back to college is getting a degree would help achieve different goals. With today’s economy I feel that getting a degree is a great advantage to have than to not having one. Ms.
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There are some disadvantages remembering things taken test, coming home and dealing with your family. Having the support of family and friends is also important to reduce stress and provide an environment where students can study (Kirby, Bierver, Martines, and Gomez, 2004) I found this to be most true because you can sometimes find your self over powered and wonder did you make the right choose. However teaching is something that I have always wanted to do my whole childhood so I dare not give up. As psychologist John Holland “ believes that a strong link exists between personality and career satisfaction.” And teaching is something I have always wanted to do as a child, remembering playing school as a child, babysitting my high school years and living in an environment with well-educated adults. Even opening up my home to children that need help alone with their parents so I knew education was my career. So returning to school would be something that I dare not give up on no matter how old I get in life. Once receiving my B.A. in Early Childhood Education I will then return to school again for my Master Degree if still in my right mind then a
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Doctorial Degree. So for me this was the biggest and best decision that I have made in my life. I am now

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