Essay on The Adolescence Stage Of A Person 's Life

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The adolescence stage in a person’s life is all about finding themselves. These years are when you break away from your parents beliefs and begin to form your own. Adolescents now decide what type of person they want to be. Adolescents build their character through what they see in their family, friends, the television, and in this day and age, what they see on social media. Technology is a material part of many cultures around the world; it brings social media, cellphones, and many communication apps along with it. “Children ages 13-18 spend six hours and 40 minutes a day, on average, with screen based media, with almost half of that taking place through mobile device” (Hanes, 2015). All of these interacting tools keep adolescents connected with each other, and can cause positive and negative effects on their cognitive development. The use of technology concerning personal fable, egocentrism, and imaginary audience in the adolescence stage can hurt an adolescent, but it can also get rid of these thought processes.

“The personal fable is a type of thought common to adolescents in which young people believe themselves to be unique and protected from harm”(Ciccarelli and White, 2014). In other words, adolescents feel that no one understands them and no harm can come their way. On social media adolescents feel that they can do or say anything without having to face the consequences of their actions. This leads to cyberbullying, which can lead to suicide, the second-leading…

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