Texting While Driving : The Smartphone Boom And Wide Acceptance Among People Of All Ages

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Texting While Driving
The Smartphone boom and wide acceptance among people of all ages has raised alarm at a global level. Self-reliant people have a reason to believe that they have multitasking skills and can manage to drive while texting whereas most are of view that such a driver gets distracted and accidents are bound to happen. Law enforcing bodies have devised laws against using phones while driving to curb the dangerous situations that arise due to distracted drivers. While driving unforeseen events including an animal appearing from nowhere might occur; if your attention is at your phone, your slow response might put the driver and the animal in a dangerous situation. Texting has become the most favorite means of communication. A change in behavior at individual level is essential for all the people who prefer texting and driving simultaneously. Multitasking in Smartphone has become more of requisite then a mere feature; this gave an idea to people that multitasking is a skill that they too may possess. Many do possess this skill and are able to drive safely while texting their friends at the same time. Smartphone addiction elevates the self-reliance; these people go to lengths and learn multitasking so that they don’t have to take their eyes off the cell phone while driving. Willingness to get engulfed in dangerous situation just so that an individual can reply to his friend is an alarming situation. Awareness among public has to be created so that as change can…

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