Essay on Texting While Driving Isn 't Just A Multitasking Act

1126 Words Oct 31st, 2015 null Page
Someone’s face can end up on an airbag, someone’s car can end up at the car cemetery, and someone’s body can end up in a large, black, zip lock bag, if lucky enough, a colorful bag just for being too attached to the beeps or vibrations of their cell phones. But who truly cares? nobody cares, as long as the text message light is flashing rapidly with smiley images. Over the years, multitasking behind the wheels has been so exquisitely like a gas in the air that many people cannot afford to miss a beep from their cell phones. Texting while driving isn’t just a multitasking act, but a multiple important information task that needs to be seen now act which is why texting while driving is very essential, so essential that people gained price and priceless possessions from it. In the United States, texting while driving motivates certain drivers to become badasses in some states, and motivates the frequent visits behind the aluminum bars that looks like LOL for all drivers in certain states. In today’s society, texting while driving is just as common as dirt with no blind spots to it. Blind spots, including attention and speed rate. But with possible solutions, including installing cameras that can detect and trace the act of texting while driving and effective education on the dangers of texting and driving, the blind spots can be seen, and the act of texting while driving can be reduced or stopped. When behind the wheels, there are no distractions for a teenager or an adult…

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