Texting While Driving Is Driving Essays

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Texting While Driving is Equivalent to Drunk Driving

Are you aware of the grievous dangers that you place yourself in, as well as others, when you text and/or drink and drive? The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association) views texting while driving as a huge distraction. Most people feel adept while texting and driving; But the truth is, it’s extremely dangerous. It is basically the same as drinking and driving. There are several consequences that may occur from texting/drinking and driving. For example, tickets, fines, accidents, and possibly death can be caused by these irrational actions. These situations can be avoided, but they must not be ignored. In fact, there is no set age to who is guilty of texting/drinking and driving. Adults are just as likely as teenagers to text and/or drink and drive. As reported by the Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project, adults over the age of 27 are just as likely to text and drive as young teens. Texting while driving is extremely equivalent to driving while under the influence.

A NHTSA study in 2008 proved that more than 800,000 drivers handled cell phones throughout the day. Nearly 6,000 people a year are killed in these fortuitous events. People become extremely oblivious to their surroundings. We often tend to think that using our Bluetooth hands free headset will keep us focused on the road. This is not totally true. It only takes the wrong words from someone to get you maudlin and then…

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