Texting While Driving Is A Secondary Offense For School Bus Drivers

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th) “ As of September 2010, 30 states as well Washington, D.C., have passed laws prohibiting text messaging for all drivers. An additional eight states bas so-called novice drivers from texting while driving. (The definition of “novice drivers” differs by state; in Mississippi, for example, it refers to drivers who have their learner’s permit or provisional license, while in Missouri a novice driver is anyone aged 21 and younger.) Two of the eight states that restrict texting for novice drivers--Oklahoma and Texas--also prohibit school bus drivers from texting while driving is considered to be a primary offense, meaning that police officers can pull over drivers if they catch them in the act of texting. In Iowa, Nebraska, New York and Virginia, however, texting while driving is a secondary offense--drivers can be charged with texting only if they are first pulled over for committing another violation, such as speeding or reckless driving. In Virginia, meanwhile, texting while driving is a primary offense for school bus drivers” (Issues 5). Texting while driving is a serious problem in the United States that can be improved by providing prevention skills to the public, expanding the use of technology, creating laws in all states, and by using self automated cars.
(Both) Since technology has become such a huge part of the twenty first century, it is hard to not let it control daily activities such as driving. Because of this temptation of constantly being on technology, it…

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