Texting While Driving And Texting Essay

937 Words Apr 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Rebekah Morris
Miss Royse
English 4
8 April 2015
Texting While Driving Driving and texting simultaneously is becoming a major problem that has been increasing death rates drastically. There is an abundant amount of people who knowledgable that driving distracted can be life threatening, yet they proceed to text while they are behind the wheel. This act puts many people at risk. Many believe that they are easily capable of multitasking. Safety of yourself and others will always be an important role of driving. Do not take advantage of the privilege of driving by being careless. While many people are aware that texting while driving is dangerous, most still continue to carry out this action. In a newspaper article, Fox News interviewed a Professor of Neuroscience who says that we are only able to grasp little segments of what is around us because we have such a narrow accommodation for thought. This is meaning that we do not see the world as it may be. Even though the road may be clear before you look away, this does not mean it will be clear the next time you look back or decide to go without looking. Inadvertent wrecks have been caused by the distraction cell phones and also multitasking (The Dangers).
The idea of having the ability to do more than one thing or have more than one thought at the same time is an accepted concept. Now, patting your head and rubbing your belly simultaneously is a talent but an excellent example. While you are doing it, you only think…

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