Texting While Driving And Driving Essay

1320 Words Mar 30th, 2016 6 Pages
The ability to drive is one of the greatest privileges anyone is allowed to receive, and should not be taken for granted. Many people though do not take this into consideration, and will often fail to realize that they’re doing something wrong when they are driving. Texting while driving is one of the most common mistakes people do while driving, and is most responsible for many car collisions, and deaths. Over the years, many people are now using their phones while driving, and many of those people are teenagers, that are just starting off driving. Texting while driving has been more common throughout the years with all the new technology nowadays, and all of the teenagers that are constantly using their phones. Many today will see while driving all of the teenagers that are on their phones while they’re driving, or even while they’re stopped. Younger drivers, and beginning drivers, especially do no not realize how dangerous texting and driving is, and how they are more at risk of being in a crash due to texting and driving. They also do not recognize that their actions can themselves, and not only others, especially those on the roads.
Those that like to text, and think that is ok to text and drive do not always realize all of the negative outcomes of this problem, even if those people think that they can do the tasks of both. No matter how good of a driver someone is, or how long someone has been driving, it is still not safe for people to text and drive. Earl K.…

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