Essay on Texting, Driving, And Driving

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“Distracted driving has always been an issue with drivers, particularly young drivers, but has perhaps never had the attention it now currently receives. Almost daily, there are stories in the mass media about the destruction and death that has been caused by distracted driving” (Quisenberry, 2014, p. 303). Since texting and driving is receiving so much attention right now this is time to make sure something is done about and changes need to be made now.
My plan to solve the texting and driving problem our nation is having is by informing drivers and future drivers just how dangerous texting and driving really is also I think our texting and driving laws need to be changed so that the consequences are a little harsher than they are now. We can inform future drivers by teaching them how dangerous texting and driving is during drivers ed classes and for current drivers we should hold classes or seminars on how dangerous it is for them.
I believe are our texting laws aren’t that strict and that is why drivers are still texting and driving because they are thinking I’ll just pay the $75 fine and go on with my life it’s only $75. For example the texting and driving law in Illinois bans the use of any handheld device while you are driving which is good thing but the way it’s enforced is what I believe the problem is “Fines for violation of Illinois cell phone law start at $75. Illinois’s cell phone and texting laws are considered “primary” laws. A primary law means that an…

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