Texting and Driving Essay

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Over-consumption is one of the most detrimental things to society today. The United States as a whole is a prime leader in over-consumption. Consumption to a certain degree is acceptable and is somewhat expected in a society where everything is as fast paced as it is in the U.S. The consumption topic that I am choosing to analyze is the overuse of technology. I am not arguing that technology is detrimental to society. In fact, I believe that technology has allowed the U.S. to make a great leap forward in establishing itself as a worldwide leader. What I am arguing, rather, is that the overuse of technology is detrimental to society. The overuse of technology can be detrimental to society in very miniscule ways which does not pose a threat …show more content…
In a 2001 experiment, he observed that drivers who were engaged in hands free, and non-hands free cell phone conversations missed twice as many simulated traffic signals as when they were not talking on a phone (Strayer 2005). Even when they did notice the traffic signals, it took them longer to react to them. He observed that there were no difference in reaction time between hands free and non-hands free cell phone users. Drivers were observed to process 50% less information in their driving environment compared to drivers who were not engaged in cell phone conversations (Strayer 2005). Analyzing these two scholars arguments have further cemented my belief that text messaging while driving is negative to the safety of drivers and causes an increase in accidents because of the distraction that comes with using a cell phone.
During my research I came across a lot of interesting data. The data that I am going to rely on is mainly data concerning accidents which came as a result of distracted driving because of text messaging. The first bit of data which I will put on the table is from a study done by Donald Redelmeir and Robert Tibshirani in 1997. In this study, they analyzed cell phone records from 699 people who were involved in accidents during a 14 month span. The amount of drivers who were shown to have used their cell phone within 10

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