Texting And Driving : Bad Driver Essay

1129 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Texting and Driving How many times a day do you encounter a bad driver? You’re probably now remembering a car that was going really slowly in front of you. But is it because that person was a bad driver? More than likely it was because they were on their phone, texting and driving. I cannot even recall all the mistakes in a single day I see on the road. More than half of those mistakes are because the driver was looking at their phone and not the road. For example, just today I was at a stoplight waiting to take a left and the vehicle at the lights to the right of me starts going when I do! Before the light changed green for me I was looking around and when my eyes passed over, that vehicle, I saw that he was looking at a phone. So, because this person distracted himself with a phone, he started going on a red light. Dangerous? Yes. Easily preventable? Yes. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Looking at something other than the road, for even a second while driving is dangerous. So why do so many people look at their phones while driving? In this age, we are all attached to our smartphone. There is so many things to do on it, but with so little time and for most people, that text can’t wait. Taking a hand off the wheel, and looking down at a phone for even a couple seconds, could have you end up into oncoming traffic, hitting the car in front of you or any number of comprehensible accidents. And it’s not just teenagers, a report done by the AAA Foundation for…

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