Testing Hypotheses Are Tested Using Mean And Regression Analysis

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Testing hypotheses
The main objective of this study is to investigate the relationship among KM and front office department performance and front office department innovation, the paper hypotheses are tested using mean and regression analysis. As shown in Tables, KM is thus highly implemented in front office department.
According to Table 4 and 9, information technology and organization culture, as two elements of KMI, have been strong significantly correlated to FOI and FOP. According to Table 7 and 11, application and conversion process, as two elements of KMP, has been strong significantly correlated to FOI and FOP.
The result of this paper reported that KM is highly implemented in front office department. This is because of front office department have the experience, standard operating procedures, continuous training, periodical surveying of employees’ opinions, and insert programs for employees’ satisfaction (Salem,2013).
The results of regression analysis showed that KMI and KMP have significant impact on FOI. Innovation involves new ideas, processes, and services. From this perspective, KM may exhibit the knowledge necessary for innovation. For example, service and process innovations are associated with knowledge that may be embedded and stored in department systems. All knowledge is created by individuals and then becomes organizational knowledge when it is transferred and shared throughout the department. Therefore, front office department innovation is…

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