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1. Strategic Goals of Marketing Communication
 Marketers seek to communicate with target customers for the obvious goals of increased sales and profits.

1.1. Create Awareness
 Marketing communications designed to create awareness are especially important for new products and brands in order to stimulate trial purchases.
 As an organization expands globally, creating awareness must be a critical goal of marketing communications.

1.2. Build Positive Images
 When products or brands have distinct images in the minds of customers, the customers better understand the value that is being offered.
 A major way marketers create positive and distinct images is
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2. The Promotion Mix
 The promotion mix concept refers to the combination and types of nonpersonal and personal communication the organization puts forth during a specified period. There are five elements of the promotion mix:
1. Advertising is a paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, its products, or its activities that is transmitted through a mass medium to a target audience.
2. Sales promotion is an activity or material that offers customers, sales personnel, or resellers a direct inducement for purchasing a product.
3. Public relations is a nonpersonal form of communication that seeks to influence the attitude, feelings, and opinions of customers, noncustomers, stock holders, suppliers, employees, and political bodies about the organization.
4. Direct marketing uses direct form of communication with customers. Its objective is to generate orders, visits to retail outlets or requests for further information.
5. Personal selling is face-to-face communication with potential buyers to inform them about and persuade them to buy an organization’s product.

3. Integrated Marketing Communications
 In many organizations, elements of the promotion mix are often managed by specialists in different parts of the organization or, in some cases, outside the organization when an advertising agency is used.
 The goal of integrated

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