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AngularJS Starter Kit
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Angular: The DOM API You Have Been Waiting For
Brad Davis

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Angular.js, a javascript library and framework created in Google, is a fresh view into building great web applications. You can read a lot of articles on how it separates the concerns of the application, improves testability, and keeps to web app best practices, but I want to highlight a feature that is not shown off as regularly, extending the document object model API.

Introduction to AngularJS
Dylan Stamat

You will learn about some of the core concepts that make AngularJS shine, including binding data to you views, built-in filtering, and some of the
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AngularJS Starter Kit

Wrap collections
Damian Czernous

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The essence of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) can be captured by three words: polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation (PIE). In the end, these terms represent specific object design concepts It takes time to gain proficiency in using PIE during software development process e.g. wrapping data collections can be seen as an example of encapsulation. It’s really awesome how wrapped collections look and how they release engineers from thinking about the collection internals.

The Ninja Programmer (And the Exasperating Job Posts)
Matthew T Rupert

Sometimes the word Ninja is replaced by other crafty (or not-so-crafty) buzzwords: Rock Star, Guru, Genius, Superstar. It doesn’t take much insight to recognize the aim of such verbiage: Flattery.

Native Apps
Martijn Smit

In this report the following question will be answered: Which development form (native, web or hybride) has the biggest development potential for the future. To answer this question it’s important to know when it all started and which properties the different development forms have, what are the main advantages and disadvantages, and what will the future bring. There are three main platforms iOS, Android and HTML5.


AngularJS Starter Kit

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