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IS 101 Exam Notes

COMPUTER CONCEPTS 1. Which utility is a “must” for people who worry about losing their computer files? – Backup 2. The RAM chip contains the basic input/output system. – False 3. A computer’s memory, or primary storage, provides permanent storage for instructions and data. - False 4. A place for connecting a peripheral device to a computer is called a: Port 5. Where would you find an RJ-45 connector? – LAN port 6. Information processing is also called data processing. – True 7. The process of preparing a floppy disk for storage is called: Formatting. 8. A personal computer is a self-contained computer capable of: All of the above. (IOPS) 9. A system bus on the motherboard connects
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22. A magnetic field may erase date on an optic disc. – False 23. Cache memory is useful because it: can shorten processing time. 24. Protecting against unauthorized users is a function of firewall software. – True 25. What is needed to keep the contents of RAM intact? – A constant flow of electricity. 26. Since the development of personal computers, mainframe computers are no longer used. – False 27. Digital information is processed, sent, and stored in: discrete parts. 28. RAM capacity is measured in: bytes. 29. In most instances, the hard drive is: fixed within the system unit housing. 30. Which one of the following is NOT an example of application software? –Managing disk drives. 31. In contrast to RAM, ROM is: permanent. 32. An electronic path within a computer system along which bits are transmitted is a: bus. 33. Which utility is helpful for sending an e-mail message with a large file attachment? – File compression. 34. The GUI feature on which graphical elements are displayed is called a: desktop. 35. Family members who use the same PC have a multi-user computer system. – False 36. An example of an output device is a: monitor. 37. One byte contains enough possible combinations of 0s and 1s to represent: 256 separate characters. 38. What are the two main categories of software?- Application and System. 39. Which measure of memory access time is fastest? –Picoseconds. 40. Utility

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