Terry Fox Research Paper

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Before the end of the late spring, he had been decided for the group that would say/argue at the national wheelchair b-ball titles; the Link Autos won the national title, the first of three titles Fox would win with the group.

Tired of the unforgiving Winnipeg winters, Rolly moved (starting with one place then onto the next) to Vancouver, English Columbia, in 1966.

Not long after losing his right leg to growth, Fox chose to keep running crosswise over Canada to raise (thinking about something) and cash for tumor research.

Early Life Terry Fox was the second of four kids (already decided beforehand to happen) to Betty and Rolly Fox, a switchman with the Canadian National Railroad.

Terrance Stanley (Terry) Fox, CC, OBC, competitor, human
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He kept running from St. John's, Newfoundland, to Thunder Straight, Ontario, covering 5,373 km in 143 days, yet was forced to end his Long, troublesome race of Trust when disease (suddenly entered a spot in an undesirable way) his lungs.

Betty and Rolly met in Winnipeg, and every one of the four of their children were understood/created there: Fred (1957), Terry (1958), Darrell (1962) and Judith (1965).

He died quickly before his 23rd birthday.

A large number of people in Canada and around the globe (take part of something/join others as they do something) each year in the Terry Fox Run, and in 2007 the Terry Fox Research Foundation was set up in Vancouver.

By (process of figuring out the worth, amount, or quality of something) 10, he and Alward were beginning watchmen on the Mary Slope Middle school b-ball group.

The Terry Fox Establishment, which now composes the once-a-year run, has raised over $700 million for harmful thing/cancer research.

They also/and shared the school's Competitor of the Year Grant.

The next year, Fox was again picked as a beginning person (who controls entrance to something), this time with the Port Coquitlam Secondary School

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