Essay on Terrorist Plots Of The 9 / 11 Attacks

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As a result of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the United States has been trying to prevent further attacks on its homeland by al Qaeda, as well as other terrorist organizations, such as Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS). Since the 9/11 attacks, there have been sixty terrorist plots to attack the United States as of June 24, 2013. Fifty-three of which were thwarted before any harm came to the public due in large part to the concerted efforts of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, according to Jessica Zuckerman, et al. in an article entitled “60 Terrorist Plots Since 9/11: Continued Lessons in Domestic Counterterrorism” (¶ 2). Three terrorist plots were either foiled by luck or by quick action of private citizens. However, there were four terrorist plots that were successful: (1) the intentional driving of an SUV into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill in 2006; (2) the shooting at an army recruitment office in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2009; (3) the shooting by U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, also in 2009; and (4) the bombings in Boston. Thus, the ratio of probability of a successful attack is 1:15. It is highly probable that more terrorist attacks will be attempted on our homeland in the future. Our government is looking for new ways to counteract terrorism. James Comey, the FBI chief, is proposing that law enforcement and intelligence agencies be given “backdoor access” to information which has end-to-end…

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