Tenderloin Essay

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The Tenderloin. Not the type of meat, but the neighborhood that I call home. Tenderloin, San Francisco. The so called “hood,” the place with the highest crime rates and homelessness within the city. From robbery to aggravated assault, it all existed. I grew up in this environment and yet I embraced every bit of it. Yes, I eventually realized that I lived in this neighborhood because of my family’s financial status, but because of my status I had been inspired to go to school and further engage in becoming an individual that is independent and would be able to make a difference anywhere. I learned how to do a lot with the little that was offered to me. By doing this , I had seen the beauty of my community. Having to be aware of walking home …show more content…
This program changed my life and who knew the guest speaker would also. The one and only Jenee Scott Palmer, who is now the senior program director of Breakthrough. She is my advisor, supporter, friend, and a 2nd mom figure. She has known me since I was 8 and has guided me through my hardships. Through my parents divorce to when my family lived in a homeless shelter. She was always there when I needed her ,when I needed someone to talk to, and when I needed a lending hand . She was always there and willing to help. she has seen me grow into who I have become today. If it wasn't for her I would not be attending boarding school. It was because of her that I considered leaving home to focus on my education. From continuously having open arms that I can be comforted by to being a parent figure by caring for my well being at school. She taught me honesty, selflessness, responsibility, and how to have an optimistic outlook on life. Most importantly, she taught me how to be ambitious and to strive for what I want in life and to pursue my dreams. My life would have been completely different without her. She is one of many reasons why I am so eager to learn and grow older. I want to be just like her and inspire kids my age just like she did for

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