Essay on Ten Minutes, What Can You Actually Do?

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In ten minutes, what can you actually do?
Actually very little, but when multiplied day by day, the significance of these ten minutes suddenly grows, becoming very influential. Entering the meditations, I was unsure of where my inner thoughts would take me. Reflecting now, it seems that I have actually traveled quite far. After ten days of meditating for ten uninterrupted minutes, I have begun to anticipate my departure from the rest of the world, finding solace in my own monologue. This retreat for ten minutes was not so much lonely isolation from the world as it was refreshing sanctuary from my own sources of tension; I have become my own place of refuge, instead of something to avoid. I do not believe that ten days is long enough to achieve full inner peace, but I do believe that throughout the length of this intimate experiment, I was able to experience an inkling of what The Dhammapada and Tao Te Ching were discussing. Starting at the beginning, I was unsure and apprehensive. I turned on my timer for ten minutes, and closed my eyes. I was not sure how to proceed after that. There seemed to be no exact guide, so what was I to do next? Unsure of where else to begin, I delved into the experiment primarily trying to tame my body and mind, simultaneously. Surely that would be easier, because it is the lesser component; the mind is much more powerful, and therefore can only be reached once the physical barrier is disciplined. My relaxation was extremely pointed, and my…

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