Teens : Texting While Driving Essay

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Teens Texting While Driving
At some point in everyone’s life we are given a driver’s license, these are given to the people that are very responsible. It is not only driving a vehicle that can take their life away in seconds, but it can also take others people life as well. Driving requires staying focus on the road and lots of concentration, which should not de violated. Although the Federal Communications Commission and the National’s Health website agrees that all distracted driving can be prevented, and that the popularity of mobile devices has had some unintended and even dangerous consequences. They disagree when it comes to teens drivers are far more likely to send and receive a text message while driving than adults and that children learn from their parents behavior.
In order to change the way divers view texting and driving we need to show teenagers the negative things that can be caused by texting and driving. The Nation’s Health website stated, “All it takes is a glance away for more than two seconds and you can get into serious trouble” (web). Many teenagers most of the times drive while texting of look away from the road when they are with friends, but the friends are not going to be there when the driver cause an accident. The teen responsible for his/ her actions is the driver of the vehicle, because they have the responsibility and received their driver’s license and know what is expected of them while driving any type of vehicle with or without friends in…

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