Teens Dropout Essay

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About 2,000 teens drop out of school every two days. Most of the time, when teens drop out of school, they regret it. People that drop out either work at a fast food restaurants or a grocery stores. They really can 't get a good job because they don 't have a diploma to get paid high income. Teens feels as if the problems that they have stop them from accomplishing what they want. High school students dropout of school for many reasons, including lack of parent engagement, pregnancy, drugs and gangs, and also not enough of individual attention.

First off, Without their parents, teens often do not care about their education and do not see the purpose of staying in school.” When the teen sees that their parents are not coming to his/her
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Parents can give teens low self esteem. Some parents call their children dumb or even slow and that 's why teens drop out now. If a student comes home and tells his parents that he failed a test by three points, the parents are going to be calling the child names and telling the child he/she can 't do nothing because they 're slow .So the child give up on school since the parents put all the hateful things in he/she head. Even when the child is not doing anything wrong they get fussed at and the parents tell them they cannot do anything right and they are not going to be nothing in life. A lot of teens also take what their mother say serious because they look up to her so if she tells her the boys are messing up her work she just need to drop out. The child is going to do just what her parent said and drop out and be in the street with the boy she …show more content…
People who do drugs feels like they need to smoke every hour , but they can 't due to the fact that they are at school so they choose to drop out. Drugs reduce the ability to think or focus clearly. drugs mess up people learning causing poor results leading teens to drop out. Some people tell teens that drugs will help them be more relaxed so they start smoking and then can 't stop.In the article America Cancer Society it stated that everyday 2,000 kids under 18 try a cigarette and also another 600 becaome a regular smoker . Some people just come to school and sit in class knowing they can 't concentrate because there high off of drugs so being in school is a waste of time for them

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