Why High School Students Drop Out Essay

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About 2,000 teens drop out of school every two days. Most of the time, when teens drop out of school, they regret it. People that drop out either work at a fast food restaurants or a grocery stores. They really can 't get a good job because they don 't have a diploma to get paid high income. Teens feels as if the problems that they have stop them from accomplishing what they want. High school students dropout of school for many reasons, including lack of parent engagement, pregnancy, drugs and gangs, and also not enough of individual attention.

First off, Without their parents, teens often do not care about their education and do not see the purpose of staying in school.” When the teen sees that their parents are not coming to his/her meetings or not checking on their child 's grades they can see that the parents really don 't care. School is really demanding and teens need to get support at home. Some parents don 't even check to see if they had a good day or do see if they have homework. According to J. Gentry he stated that about one -sixth of all students report that their parents really don’t care about whether they make good grades or not. He also stated that 40 percent of the parents don 't attend school activities. It 's mainly saying that if a parent comes to his/her child’s school and make sure
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Some students are a shame to raise their hand for help or even stay after school for the help so they just drop out.Maybe the teacher just don 't like the student and decide to just not help them when they see them . i witness these things today how people don 't raise their hands because they think they 're friends are going to laugh and stop hanging with them.Some people know the topic is hard and they still don 't want to say after school for help so they drop out thinking that 's going to help them when it 's not going to do anything but lead them down the wrong path to their future

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