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Adolescent pregnancy is considered as a pregnancy in a female who is less than 20 years of age at the end of the pregnancy. It can occur in a fertile female either at puberty before the occurrence of her first menstrual period, or after the first period. The first menstrual period in nourished girls occurs at around 12 or 13 years of age.

Pregnant teenagers experience many issues similar to other women. However, there would be other medical issues for mothers under 15 years. Teenage mothers of ages 15 to19 face socioeconomic issues rather than biological issues. Underage pregnancies are associated with high biological risks such as anemia,
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Researchers show that the rates that seem to be declining in some countries are not a good indication because some teenagers are getting rid of their pregnancies before birth. Some clinics have easily opened doors for teenagers who want to terminate their unwanted pregnancies. Greece, for example, has at one time been recorded as having the highest rate of abortions than any other country in Europe. It was also mentioned as having a low use of contraceptives.
The fact that school curricula do not cover sex education has led to the lack of awareness and information on the use of contraceptives and the repercussions of underage pregnancies. Statistics have shown that in the past decade teenagers have become sexually active at early ages. They have also been exposed to many sexual contents through the media and the internet. Statistics have also revealed that many adolescents experience sexual intercourse as early as 15-16 years of age. Over the years, it has been observed that teenagers develop early biological maturity without having matured psychologically and economically.
In adolescence stage, many teenagers face difficulties in many areas such as emotionally and sexually. They find it difficult to deal with their sexuality. For this reason, there is a pressing need for equipping them with accurate and appropriate information regarding sexuality. This should also help them on

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