Teenage Pregnancy: Article Analysis

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In the article, Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, it states, “In 2013, a total of 273,105 babies were born to women aged between 15 through 19.” Many people believe that shows like “16 and Pregnant” promote teenage pregnancies, but I think the shows deters teenage girls from becoming pregnant. In “16 and Pregnant” many mothers struggle through stress, go through breakups, and go through being isolated.
In this specific show, many mothers show that stress is built during being pregnant because most of them are still attending school; Consequently, they have to manage their time better and try to get ahead before they give birth. For example, many mothers struggle with assignments once their baby is born because newborns require
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When a child does not have a father in their life, the effects are negative because the child does not have a father figure to look up to. Having a father figure helps the child feel protected and loved and without one the child will feel unloved because they see that other children have fathers and it will make them wonder where their father is. For example, many of the mothers end up breaking up with their boyfriends because they are not being supportive and they just want to have fun. In result, mothers are physically, mentally, and emotionally tired because they feel as though they can not raise their child, complete their schoolwork, and can not fix their struggling relationship on their own. Once the couple breaks up, the child will have to go to both sides of the family and the result of transporting the child everywhere is stressing the baby out because it needs to be with the mother. Being stressed out can cause the mother to isolate herself to relieve …show more content…
For example, many friends will go out and party and the mother will have to stay home and do homework so they will not fall behind after the baby is born. This affects the mother because she feels like she can not have fun anymore, in result she has to grow up faster than she anticipated. Being isolated can cause the future mother to be depressed and sad with their life because they are not doing what they want because they have to fill the shoes of being an adult. For example, if the mother was invited to go bungee jumping, she could not because she does not want to hurt the baby nor herself so she would have to refrain from going for her and her babies protection. Being isolated can make teenagers feel like they are in their situation by theirself and feel alone because their friends are having fun without

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