The Negative Effects Of Single-Parenting On Children

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Effective parenting is essential to a child 's development. In fact, lack thereof affects their overall perceptions making it difficult for them to integrate with other people. As such, it is imperative for parents to ensure that their children have access to the parental care and attention they need in their development. However, in the case of a divorce or the absence of one parent, single-parentage, the complexities of raising the child and fulfilling a parent 's responsibilities are heightened. According to Hetherington (2014), children nurtured in single parent families or those undergoing divorce operations have a hard time coming to terms with the realities of the absence of one parent. In most cases, they develop resentment towards the absent parent. This fosters the development of a negative association
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Primarily, the lack of both parents to the child affects their social and cognitive developments. This situation makes it challenging for them to connect with other people as they may develop some form of resentment towards individuals who seem happier. Additionally, the children miss out on some of the fun activities experienced through development, as they tend to mature quicker. Nonetheless, there are multiple constructive effects embraced by the children. For instance, they embrace a greater sense of responsibility as they learn to appreciate the insight provided by their guardians. Moreover, more interaction time with the single parent augments the children 's bonding to the custodian. This leads to the development of a productive family relationship. The mother or father equally embraces greater parenting skills due to the augmented levels of responsibilities. Consequently, single and divorced families are faced with multiple challenges have constructive and detrimental effects on the children and the

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