Teen Media Influence On Teenage Pregnancy

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With the current population being half females, pregnancy is a concern for everybody. The show “Teen Mom” is promoting abstinence because there are a lot of teen mothers that get pregnant and don’t know what they are doing. But if you do decide to have sex, make sure you’re protected. Teen mom 2 and Teen Mom OG are focused on the mothers that were from the show 16 and pregnant. It follows the lives of six teen moms and how their lives have changed since they gave birth. So, the question is, Do TV shows like Teen Mom help promote or discourage teenage pregnancy? Since Teen mom shows have been around for 6 years, the statistic for teenage pregnancy has dropped dramatically. While some people want to ignore the issue on hand, but shows like 16 …show more content…
When the show first aired six girls allowed MTV to film their pregnancies, in hope that young teenagers will watch the show. And they would learn that getting pregnant at a young age is very hard, and those challenges will last a lifeline and you’re not even grownup yet. That waiting to start a family is what’s best for everyone. “Four years into 16 and pregnant’s run, teen pregnancy rates are at a record low. Rates dropped nine percent from 2009-2010 alone, reaching a historic low of 34.3 births per 1000 women aged 15-19” (Dockterman, Time Magazine). Since 16 and pregnant aired the summer of 2009, it seems that the show is responsible for the decrease in teenage pregnancy. The shows main purpose is to encourage teenaged to enjoy their teen …show more content…
In the eyes of some, the show now has become so popular and well known that parents are worried that these shows are glamorizing the reality of pregnancy. “Perhaps the young teenagers are more intrigued by the front-page tabloid covers and cool endorsement deals. Rather than understanding the encumbrance of caring for another human life” (Tyler, The Blue and Gold). MTV is portraying how cool teenage pregnancy is and they’re not going in debt with the severe struggles teenagers face when caring for a

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